Welcome to Gem Refrigerator Company
WELCOME TO GEM Refrigerator Company
Established in 1925, GEM Refrigerator Company is a third-generation company located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that manufactures a complete line of food service and floral refrigerators and freezers along with custom walk-in refrigerators and freezer combinations.. Throughout these 80 years, GEM has been building commercial refrigerators and freezers that have performed well in both the public and the private sectors.
GEM Refrigerator Company designs and builds state-of-the-art refrigeration products that are reliable and cost effective for the food services and floral markets. We value the long-term business relationships that we have established with our customers who expect superior quality, performance and service.  With the continuing emphasis being placed on reduced budgets and the fact that most businesses need to provide more for less, GEM remains true to its mission which is to provide quality, dependable refrigerators and freezers.
For our line of laboratory, pharmacy or blood bank refrigerators and freezers click here.
Model: 45F
Florist Refrigerator, Double Sliding Glass Door, 32 cu ft, Self Contained Bottom Mount Refrigeration System
Model: 6SCD
Food Service Self Contained Deli Case with Rear sliding access doors, glass top and solid bottom. Self contained 1 hinged bottom door
Model: 52G
Food Service Refrigerator with Two (2) Glass Self-Closing Doors with Magnetic Gasket - 33 Cubic Feet - Self Contained Bottom Mount Refrigeration System